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Announcing “Heroes”

“Heroes’ is a song of courage, hope, and love written by Kathryn Cloward Band to help raise awareness and support for children and adults living with MPS and related rare diseases. During our creative process, we decided to record two versions of the song including one with youth vocalists that features 14-year-old Michelle Hopkins, who has MPS1. By releasing two songs across two distinct musical platforms we will be able to raise more awareness and help empower more people.

We were able to accomplish our goals as desired and on time because you helped us do it! Thank you!

“Heroes featuring Michelle Hopkins & Friends” plus accompanying music video will be released on October 1, 2018 for worldwide distribution across all digital media sites through the Kathryn the Grape platform. You can pre-order the song on Amazon, Apple Music, and Google Play at the links below. However, we are pleased to share an exclusive pre-release opportunity to download “Heroes” on Bandcamp now — weeks it releases elsewhere.

As promised, our Kathryn Cloward Band version of “Heroes” released at the International MPS Symposium and is now available for downloading and streaming everywhere! Links are shared below.

Proceeds from every download and stream from both versions of “Heroes” will benefit the National MPS Society. Kindly add “Heroes” to your playlist and share it with your friends. Together we will continue to make a difference.


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Exclusive Pre-Release Opportunity

“Heroes (featuring Michelle Hopkins & Friends)” will release worldwide on 10/1/2018. Pre-order links are below. However, we are pleased to share an exclusive pre-release opportunity to download “Heroes” on Bandcamp now — weeks before it releases elsewhere.

Pre-Order on Amazon

Pre-Order on Apple Music

Pre-Order on Google Play

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Meet Michelle.

She’s one of the Heroes we’re helping with this song.

National MPS Society

“Heroes” helps this charity and these people.

Helping “Heroes”

Through our Songs for Charity program, we’re purposeful about helping other charitable organizations by writing impact/theme songs to help raise awareness for their cause. With  “Heroes” we are shining on the National MPS Society in support of children and adults with MPS, ML, and other rare diseases. Since there are no cures for these rare diseases, which impact 10% of Americans (rare but not uncommon), we are doing our best to help save lives by drawing attention to the National MPS Society through “Heroes.” Proceeds from every digital music download and/or stream of “Heroes” will directly benefit the National MPS Society to further its cause — helping fund medical advances to find a cure and support families who are coping with these diseases.


 Thank You “Heroes” Contributors