Our Mission

Kandon Cares™ is a charitable organization whose heart-centered mission is to ripple love, compassion, and unity throughout the world for people of all ages by creating and supporting mindful art and music education, expression, and advocacy.

Our “Why”

There’s so much time and energy being poured into everything that’s perceived to be wrong with the world. The news and social media are flooded with these messages daily. If we allow those messages to have our attention or influence in our lives, we are actually being drawn into a negatively charged ripple effect — whether we are aware of it or not.

Kandon Cares is focused on sharing what’s great with the world. Kandon Cares, founded by Kathryn Cloward and team of heart-centered individuals and companies, is intent on creating and cultivating an ever expanding positive ripple effect through mindful programs that benefit people of all ages on the local, national, and global level.

Our Progams

We are focused on developing five main program through Kandon Cares:

1. Ripple Love Movement – Launching May 2018, fueled by Kathryn Cloward Band in support of the #RippleLove song, Ripple Love Movement will be an expansive grassroots effort of impacting change through music, art, and mindful messages.

2. Songwriting for Charity – Having already written and produced the new theme song for Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary Celebration of Champions (“We Are Champions”), an original song for Intrepid Theatre Company’s Refugee Art Experience (“My Name is Divine – Jina langu ni Divine”), and currently writing the new theme song for MPS Society, Kathryn Cloward is a go-to songwriting for meaningful songs that support charities. Proceeds from songs written for charity funnel back to support each specific charity through Kandon Cares.

3. KandonFest – An annual family-friendly affordable music festival showcasing youth performers and featuring bands people of all ages appreciate and enjoy, KandonFest is poised to be a music festivals families attend year after year. Many parents desire to take their children — from toddlers to teens  to top-quality live music experiences but are often deterred by high costs and unfavorable activity that occurs at some music festivals. KandonFest is focused on creating an enjoyable music experience for everyone. We are projecting to have the first KandonFest fall 2018.

4. Kandon Awards – Recognizing companies and people of all ages who are contributing to the greater good through heart-centered endeavors matters. The Kandon Awards program will launch winter 2019.

5. Kandon’s – With an overarching desire to have a place to provide opportunities for art and music education and expression for people of all ages, Kandon’s will be an all-in-one venue with live music, drum circles, art, music, and movement classes, live stage shows, and more. We are actively seeking a space and aim to open Kandon’s summer 2019.