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Hello. My name is Kathryn Cloward. I know you have many choices when it comes to aligning with charitable organizations — and I also know you, like me, have worked hard to earn a living. When you want to help others, you need to feel confident that your money is being used for the right reasons. Ultimately, when you make donations, you’re trusting the leadership of an organization to “walk the talk” and work toward achieving results.

With Kandon Cares, you’re putting your trust in me.

Who I Am
I’ve been an entrepreneur for just about my entire career. In basic quantifiable terms, that means I’ve never had a salary — except for one year. I’ve always supported my family, companies and creative endeavors through achieving results backed by my own risk.

I grew my first company to achieve multi-million dollar gross sales through good old-fashioned cold calling and relationship building. Then, I endured the ripple effect of business destruction as the recession of 2008-2009 engulfed most of my clients and eventually my company.

I’ve persevered through professional and personal challenges of the grandest proportion. Yet, I’ve had an unwavering intention to help others. Everything I do and have ever done has a core altruistic purpose.

I’m not concerned about how things look; I’m concerned about how people feel. My purpose is to help people have tools of self-love so they’re able to unconditionally #ripplelove to others. I’m now expanding my heart for helping others into the development of Kandon Cares — an idea seeded six years ago that’s ready to harvest.

This summer, we’re soft launching Kandon Cares with a few heart-centered programs, including Songs for Charity; Ripple Love Movement; and a new version of my radio show, The Ripple Effect with Kathryn Cloward. Our official Kandon Cares launch will be on November 18 at KandonFest 2018 — our family music festival being held at the Music Box in downtown San Diego.

Why Kandon Cares
I encourage you to vet me and find out more about my consistent track record of taking action and achieving results for over 18 years. I know how to make ideas come to life. I know how to keep costs low and results high. I’ve done this over and over, and I’ll do this with Kandon Cares. I’ll also persevere through challenges and continue growing because I’ve done it over and over — and that’s a necessary quality for anyone launching and leading any endeavor.

You won’t see me wasting money on fluffy smoke-and-mirrors events or projects. I’m results driven, and the main result I desire to achieve is helping open hearts and cultivate an expansive positive ripple effect fueled by music and art expression, education, and advocacy. My core mission is to inspire people to ripple love, compassion, and unity throughout the world.

I’ve already started gathering an intentional team of volunteers and a few sponsors. But we need your help — more volunteers and more sponsors.

Our “Heroes” Project Deadline
We need your assistance right now! We’re seeking to fund the #Heroes song in support of children with MPS, ML and other rare diseases.

We’re offering some cool incentives and hope you’re inspired to help. For those of you who run companies and are seeking ways to align your company with efforts that support children and the arts, we’re offering a few tax deductible opportunities to help fund “Heroes” that also include sponsorships for KandonFest 2018.

I invite you to find out more about the fundraising campaign here

With gratitude,


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